Noah Sow

Noah Sow: Deutschland Black & White

Everyday Racism


Diction and Phrasing


Opening Credits: My Own Origin

Chapter One

The Utter Illusion: A First Clearance of Annoying Racist Habits

  • Take One: Terms
  • Take Two: Important Concepts
  • Who is Black and who is white?
  • How one helps maintain the racist status quo by being linguistically imprecise
    • A little digression along the way
    • More on the racist status quo
  • Coaching in being white
    • Test 1: Whiteness in a self-experiment – The fourteen-point program
    • Test 2: Am I a racist? (with test results)

Chapter Two

Far from over: „Race“ and Racism in Germany

  • What is „race“?
  • What is racism?
  • „Positive“ racism
  • Is German racism history?
  • Suppressions: Colonial violence, colonial images
  • Colonial continuities in the Weimar Republic and under National Socialism
  • Black History – Germany/Europe

Chapter Three

A Wide White Field: Everyday Racism in Present Times

  • Our daily word: Racist language
  • To be discarded without substitution: The “N” word
  • Our daily deeds: Racist societal spheres
  • No isolated case! Keyword: Structural Racism
  • Institutional racism
  • Racism in sports

Chapter Four

White Germany Special: Racism and Media Audiences

  • Racism in print media
  • Racism in German television
  • Racism in theater
  • Racism in show and circus
  • Racism in other media
  • Advertising for charity projects
  • Entertainment media for children
  • Our brand new Equalization Agency
  • Shock therapy!

Chapter Five

I see, what I know: Racism in Interpersonal Relationships

  • My eyes – your eyes: Racist perceptions and role attributions
  • A day among whites
  • The vexed topic hair
  • Just a family affair? White mothers and Black children
  • Some thoughts relating to the keyword exotism
  • Possible issues in white-mother–Black-child relationships
  • A few suggestions for a healthy coexistence

Chapter Six

Never Ending Story: Racist Loops and Ways to React to Them

  • Open and hidden racist strategies
    • Counter-allegation of “anti-white racism”
    • Allegation of a lacking willingness to integrate
    • “Problems” with migrants
    • “But I really see how the ... do that”
    • Divide and conquer
    • Characters in novels and movies: Acting out racist fantasies
    • Defining Blackness from the outside
    • Jar Jar Binks
  • Keyword Eye Level: Tips for white friends
  • List of stupid phrases that we never want to hear again

Chapter Seven

Taboo-breaking Wanted: Thoughts and Demands for the Future

  • “… it all begins with self-respect”: Interview with Austen Brandt
  • Creating new molds: Politics of personal behavior
  • Building new structures: My demands for an antiracist society

Ethno-Lexicon: Phenomena and Terms from Ethnology and Anthropology, Illustrated in Relation to Local Culture



  • Annotations, List of References
  • Reading List for Further Study
  • Index of Persons and Subjects

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Noah Sow: Deutschland Schwarz Weiß