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Noah Sow

German Readers' Testimonials

"Noah Sow's Deutschland Schwarz Weiss: Der alltägliche Rassismus is like a magic mirror, held up for everyone to be used, reflecting the unconscious racisms in German present society. While most white Germans would openly denounce racism of any kind, it is deeply imbedded in German society, stemming from Germany's colonial past which resurfaced in the 1930s and 1940 under the guise of Hitler fascism. Whereas National Socialism has been dealt with in a responsible way, Germany's colonial past has only received scant attention in political discourse, history and culture. Noah Sow focuses on the quotidian racism in discourse and practice and she is able to show how far reaching its implications are. This is both a study of everyday racism and a vademecum for ending it in our lifetime. This is an extremely important book, saddening sometimes, but mostly deeply ironic and hilariously funny, because it exposes the insanity of racist assumptions from the viewpoint of the anti-racist activist."

Prof. Dr. Norbert Finzsch
Anglo-Amerikanische Abteilung des Historischen Seminars
Universität zu Köln

Author of Identity and Intolerance: Nationalism, Racism, and Xenophobia in Germany and the United States, Cambridge University Press

Typical Readers' Opinions

"I am thoroughly happy that this book exists. It is not the first book I have read on this topic, and also not the only one I find good, but it has something that particularly pleases me. It is not tame and objectively cool from cover to cover; rather it offers a combination of factual information and direct, outspoken speech that gets to the point with verve. I wish this book would be required reading for all educators and teachers, or for anyone with educational responsibilities in Germany ... In any case, I will for a full year make Germany Black and White a standard gift for those I normally give presents to on birthdays, etc. I thank you very much, dear Ms Sow, for this wonderful book ..."

Esther Große

"This book is as remarkable as it is uncomfortable. I hope everyone reads it. Have courage, for it hurts only through the first pages. After that it can be truly healing."

Alessandro Nasini

"I in fact read this book through in one night. I am deeply impressed. I immediately recommended it as compulsory reading to my former political science professor at the Technical University of Düsseldorf, who heads the section for xenophobia and racism. For me this book is a revelation."

Social Education Professional

"Dear Noah ... well, your book is awesome! We couldn't stop reading and discussing it. It has everything that is essential, is in a language that gets to the gist of the matter, and is accessible many people outside the universities since it is written in such a clear manner! I am truly very impressed and above all excited, because finally I can give a book to the white critics, including my parents, that I know they can understand - a book that speaks distinctly. And it is quite affordable through Amazon. Many thanks!"


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